“Everything is theoretically impossible, until it is done.”

– Robert A. Heinlein

About Us

Chrome Biosciences is a partnership organization, and a leading provider of Reagents & Chemicals, Plastic & Glassware, Instruments Sales & Service.

We shall strive for total customer satisfaction by executing orders and by providing equipment and services which meet specified and implied customer needs in terms of quality, cost and timely delivery.

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Our Quality Policy

  • The Policy of Chrome Biosciences starts and finishes by adhering to customer conveyance plan as point of convergence. The aim is to give an item and administration that completely fulfils the underlying and ceaseless necessities and assumptions for all customers.
  • Every representative inside the Company knows about and liable for meeting in full the Quality Requirements of their capacity that will guarantee the proceeded with top notch notoriety of the Company.
  • It is the Policy of Chrome Biosciences to fulfil all customers by offering an exclusive requirement of individual consideration via prepared, courteous workers.
  • The Company perceives that its exhibition should be of a reliably exclusive requirement to get the fulfilment. certainty and faithfulness of its customer base.

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By instructing our people and creating a work culture wherein everybody involved contributes towards this and takes responsibility of these objectives.
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We give you the best, because we care for you.